Yesterday, a client called me “relentless” and I took it as a compliment. His wife was purchasing sunglasses and he has been happy with his two pairs of new glasses he picked up before the new year. She pulled out of her purse a personalized, handwritten thank you note with a $25 gift certificate that we had sent her husband. He joked that he couldn’t remember the last time he had received a handwritten thank you note in the mail! He shrugged and admitted that our persistence paid off because here they were... back for more glasses!

The note we send follows the thank you call we make to each and every client after they pick up their new glasses. We make sure our clients know we are grateful for their purchase and remind them to bring in their glasses for proper maintenance and adjustments.

Most often our calls are answered with positive feedback and compliments. Once in awhile, there are prescription concerns or growing pains and we always insist the client comes in as soon as possible to resolve any issues. Sometimes, the best and most dedicated clients are ones that have come from problem solving. We are never afraid of facing a challenging problem and we welcome the most demanding cases.

We try to be in constant contact with our clients so when they need an exam, contacts or glasses, they come straight to us! We send emails offering special events and promotions and keep active on social media sights. We are obsessive about collecting email addresses as it is our main marketing tool. Traditionally, clients are called to pick up their glasses but we have found that NO ONE EVER answers their phone anymore and RARELY listen to their messages. So, a quick email to clients informing them of them of the status of their order is a welcome change.

Independent opticians have to fight harder and smarter for a piece of the optical pie. Our competition is fierce with big budget chain stores and on-line retailers. WE HAVE TO BE RELENTLESS! We have to be the best and most creative marketers and merchandisers. We have to be the most knowledgeable and specialized in our field. We have to support each other and DailyOptician provides an excellent tool for collaboration and creative thinking. Join the conversation!

How do you connect with your clients? What is your secret to success? I would love to hear your thoughts, ideas and challenges!

Thank You Card